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Economic Snapshot

The creative industries are an important economic driver for SA.

The Economic Value of Creative Businesses in South Australia report, released by the former Department for Innovation and Skills in October 2021, provides a framework for the ongoing annual measurement of the direct economic contribution to Gross State Product (GSP) of enterprises within the Creative Industries sub-sectors. It also provides a retrospective analysis of the Creative Industries economic contribution in the five years up to the financial year ending 2018/19. The report was authored by Deloitte Access Economics.

Creative businesses in South Australia directly contributed an estimated $1.45 billion in value added and 15,785 FTE jobs to the South Australian economy in 2018-19. This grew from $1.41 billion in 2014-15 despite total FTE workers employed in creative businesses declining 0.4%

The total economic contribution from the creative industries can be broken down by Deloitte into 12 business groupings.

Economic value added in 2019
FTE jobs
Creative businesses in SA

Economic impact of South Australia's key creative industries.