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Strategy and targets

Our vision

South Australia is home to a highly skilled and innovative creative ecosystem with an integrated strategy to power intellectual property creation, deliver an agile workforce, and position our world class creative sector to prosper in the global market.

The Creative Industries Strategy

The Creative Industries Strategy sets a target of an average of 5 per cent per annum growth to 2030.

Outcomes will be measured through economic data to be regularly reported on through an online dashboard. The value of the creative industries goes well beyond a purely economic value. This Strategy will therefore also monitor growth and development of the sector through metrics such as:

  • growth of 'CreaTech'
  • increased innovation, revenue diversification and new intellectual property developed
  • new markets reached and new audiences engaged
  • diversified education and skills pathways

These will be monitored through ongoing research, surveys and interviews with key stakeholders.

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The future of the creative industries in South Australia is exciting!

Across the varied sectors that comprise this robust, enterprising and rapidly transforming sector, we have emerging talent, experience and the vision to grow our presence on the world stage.

Industry and government are intertwined in South Australia’s creative economy, and a successful long-term partnership between the two holds the key to achieving our vision of creating a world-class creative sector that will power the state’s growth for decades to come. The path we have set for ourselves is bold, but our community stands ready to rise to the challenge.